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.............................................................................................................................. HOTEL ADA+S 

Welcome to the Hotel ADA_S

Hotel ADA+S is a home in the new modern style. It is very comfortable, and because of its comfort it presents the better class of European Hotels.
The hygiene of the rooms, apartments, dining-room, gait reception, restrooms and other areas is excellent, therefore everybody can see the high level of the Hotel's reputation. At the reception you will be welcomed by attractive hostesses, which are charming, polite and very professional. The hostesses make you feel even more welcome, and the Hotel's ambient bring the feeling of home. The coffee-bar and bar offer all kinds of drinks and the service is on the high level. This Hotel welcomes different guests and friends from all over world, from Bosnia or the all other countries.


All rooms have very comfortable and modern furnishing and specially including the wardrobe and beds. Every room has a bathroom, telephone connection, TV-with satellite connection and intern video channel which is showing movies on all day occasion. There is also a cooler with fresh drinks and other accommodations.

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The luxury is relative on the level of Hotel rooms. The fashionable furnishing and pleasant atmosphere point to the fact that this Hotel can receive the guests from jet-set. Our Hotel  offers also good and specious residence for large families, so that they will find the comfort of our apartments. These apartments are highly recommended and useful to the married young couples for their first honeymoon nights. they will have pleasant life-long memories at the all good facts from our Hotel. They will also gain the experience of the new positive energies, which will take them to the center of universe.
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Good FoodThe Hotel offers quarters for the night with the rich breakfast. The guest will get familiar with the Bosnian specialties of the neighborhood's restaurants. In our Hotel we have a gold gastronomic rule: " the guest is the king, and he/she will be favored and will get what they want.
Bihac has many good, restaurants with reasonable prices and great choices for our guests. there are also great opportunities for diversity of food and we will only offer the best quality for our guests.

Medical help:
The ambulance is only 33yards-far from the Hotel. it is very pleasant and highly recommended for people who would have any trouble with their health. At the moment a very professional and highly respected Minister of Health in the Una-Sana Canton, Dr. Primarius Muhamed Kasumovic, which is specialist in the land and the whole world, is there to help our guests.

In future we hope to provide even more security and preventive help for people in this area and of course for our guests as well.

Attraction and trips:
Bihac City Every day, the new attractions are offered in the city itself. Bihac is the capital-center of the Una-Sana canton, and therefore different association from the whole area of sport and culture are offered for everybody. Most attractions are organized from the next associations: "para club Bihac", "Unski Smaragdi", "Zene sa Une"(women from Una), "Kajakaski klub" (canoe Club), "Klub ribolovaca"(fishing club)... and many other club and associations from neighborhood.
Offered trips are to: Ostrozac, Sokolac, Ripac, Kulen Vakuf, Martin Brod, Bos.Krupa, Cazin, Buzim, Sanski Most, Bos.Otoka and other interesting places.
For admirers and friends of the nature we have mountains: the Grmec and the Pljesevica. This area is named "The Green Pharmacy" or "the Garden from Paradise". The area is rich with medicine plants, wild flowers, and the air is very rich with oxygen.
The Pounje-area along the river "UNA" offers most attractive and beautiful view for those who are admirer of nature beauties.

 Next time by Hotel ADA+S.

Address: Hotel ADA+S,  ul.Husrefa Redzica 1,  77000 Bihac, Bosnia-Herzegovina

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